E-LEARNING (Specialization)

We offer various certificate courses in Languages to equip our students with multilingual skills in their areas of specialization and interest.

A great innovation! You simply choose your areas of specialization or interest and get rewarding language skills that will open doors for international opportunities.

Our Special e-Learning Programmes enable our students to acquire useful skills, certification, and access to Lingua Plus Group resources.

You may enroll for and enjoy our programmes without being physically present at the school. Course materials will be sent electronically.

NB: Arrangements can also be made for other languages and customized programmes.

You are therefore encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and add value to yourselves

Individual Training

Learning is a continuous process. We must not stop learning. Acquiring new skills are always necessary. That’s what the world’s most successful men do. Learning a new language can increase your options and opportunities for personal, academic, professional and business development.  We offer the opportunity to learn French language in the fastest and easiest way you could ever imagine.

Corporate Training

We offer training for groups, organizations, institutions and other corporate bodies. We provide high-quality language training to help these organizations meet their corporate objectives through a functional and dynamic approach

Customized Training

Our language courses are also flexible and can be tailored towards a specific need of our client(s)

About Our Training

 We offer a variety of training programmes in French and other Foreign Languages for all categories including Children, Adults, Students, Diplomats, Bankers, Businessmen and Women. Our training rewards the participants with high level of fluency and accuracy.



Our students are from various African French and English speaking countries. Click below to register for our programmes.

Training Programmes

We offer a series of training programmes at different levels

Our Language Programmes

The courses at each level are taught in two modules of oral and written Expressions. Potential candidates must undergo a proficiency test to determine the appropriate class for proper follow-up and coaching. Our training focuses on four basis communication skills: Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing to reward our students a good and acceptable level of fluency and accuracy. 

The assessment of candidates or their promotion to the higher level is done on the basis of the following criteria:

Attendance, respect of rules, punctuality, classroom activities, course participation, continuous assessment, final exam, etc.

Nos programmes de langue

Nous offrons une série de programmes de formation à plusieurs niveaux :

Nos programmes de langue

Les cours de chaque niveau sont dispensés dans deux modules d’expressions écrites et orales. Les candidats potentiels doivent subir un test de niveau afin de déterminer la classe appropriée pour un suivi et un encadrement appropriés. Notre formation s’articule autour de quatre compétences de base en communication: parler, lire, écouter et écrire, et donne à nos étudiants un niveau de qualité correct et acceptable.

L’évaluation des candidats ou la promotion au niveau supérieur se fait sur base de ces deux critères ci-dessous : Assiduité aux cours, respect des règles, ponctualité, activités de classe, participation au cours, évaluation continue, examen final, etc.


Lingua plus international

Training Graduation

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