Lingua Plus French Centre (LPFC)


French is the second most taught foreign language throughout the world after English. Apart from English, French is the only other international language spoken across five continents. Presently, English and French are the only two global languages. The importance of French across the globe cannot be overemphasized. Various international organizations, such as United Nations, International Olympic Committee, International Red Cross Association, NESCO, ILO, FAO, World Bank, IMF, African Union and ECOWAS consider French as an official working language. Finally, we need French for business, academic, career, personal development. Hence the need to create a platform to facilitate and encourage the learning and use of French Language, and promote awareness and understanding of francophone cultures.


To equip as many people as possible with French language skills and abilities for integration, business expansion, entrepreneurship, personal and career development.


To equip as many people as possible with French language skills and abilities for integration, business expansion, entrepreneurship, personal and career development.

International Christian Translation & Interpretation Ministry & Academy (ICTIMA) ICTIMA

ICTIMA is the Ministerial Arm of Lingua Plus International, with a mandate to facilitate the spread of the Gospel of Christ around the world. It complements the Church as a co-worker with God. In the Ministry, we use our talents and gifts (of languages) to bless and influence people to Christ, through the ministry of reconciliation. “And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation.” 2 Corinthians 5:18.


To use our gift of languages to expand God’s Kingdom on earth. To be committed to the Global Church, with souls winning as a goal. To partner with Christ to get the Gospel to the end of the earth. To remove linguistic barriers in the Gospel and facilitate in cross-cultural settings To work for the Global Church growth and the total Gospel of Christ. Mission To offer Translation and/or Interpretation Services to Churches and Christian organizations. To offer a platform for aspiring Christian Translators and Interpreters to develop their talents.

Other Activities include:

Evangelism / Outreach/ Ministering to the needy To supplement the work & activities of Missions and Churches To share and help spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ Counselling, Teaching, Bible Study, Worship, Adoration, Prayer and intercession

Services rendered

We have interpreted for Churches and Missions Fields in and outside Nigeria We Translated Books and Materials written by renown preachers and Men of God. ICTIMA: Removing Language Barriers in the Gospel of Christ

Initiative for Positive Transformation (IPOT)

IPOT is the charity/Non-profit wing of Lingua Plus International, established to sustain the vision and mission of serving God and humanity, and contributing to lifting people out of poverty, fear and insecurity. Through IPOT, Lingua Plus International gives back to the society.

VISION To involve stakeholders to positively transform the society and the nation, by providing possible help to the helpless and hope to the hopeless; through re-orientation, education and the promotion of peace, harmony and discipline, for self-actualization and good success in life.

MISSION To celebrate the core principles and values that bind people together, and encourage initiatives that promote cooperation, youth/women empowerment, a culture of peace and service rooted in the spirit of living for the sake of others.

PARTNERS – We work with Religious organisations and associations/ NGOs / CBOs – Well-meaning Individuals, Corporate Bodies, etc…

  1. Visit to Prisons/ Orphanage Homes / Hospitals the Needy, etc.
  2. Ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of vulnerable people…
  3. Training and Capacity Building / Various Skills Acquisition /Empowerment Initiatives
  4. Peace Education / Conflict resolution /Dispute Resolution
  5. Inter-Faith /Inter-Religious Programmes, etc.
  6. Workshops & Seminars/ Exchange Programmes
  7. Scholarship Programmes & Grants
  8. Welfare Programmes / Environmental Protection,
  9. Development and Execution of Projects and other Positive Initiatives

MEMBERSHIP IPOT is open to any person of good moral standing, who is ready to volunteer his/her time and/or resources for the sick, the poor, the needy, the most vulnerable, etc. and support them spiritually and/or materially. Any individual, group or organisation that believes or encourages the philosophy underpinning its vision and mission.

TARGET GROUPS Hospitals, Orphanages, Prisons, Elderly People, Widows, Street Children, other vulnerable people in the society.

Be Useful to Yourself, God and Humanity.  


The Club
Under Lingua Plus International, Club Francophone of Nigeria supports the learning and use of the French language in
Nigeria and promote awareness and understanding of French Language and Francophone Cultures.

The Club organizes and facilitates intercultural, social and exchange programmes in collaboration with French
organizations and other partners.


Our Team

The Club is Network of Students, Lecturers, Professionals and Francophile individuals and associations committed to
promoting the French Language in Nigeria through various exchange programmes and the use diverse platforms including
social media. Members are from diverse nationalities, and all our trainees and Alumni are automatic members.
You can also join by subscribing to our Forum and sending your WhatsApp Number.

CFN is all about Friendship and Exchange.

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